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Default locking:  stops two users working on the same case or two child cases of a Parent parallel by two users or a Parent and child case by two users parallel at the same time.

Optimistic locking:  will allow two users to work on the same case or two child cases of a Parent parallel by two users in perform mode. But the recent updates committed to the case by the first user notifies the second user while he is submitting or committing his changes to the case and ask him to refresh the case.

How To : Case Type Rule > Setting > Locking

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It’s a coding pattern that enables the reusability of code and extendibility of application which avoids the hardcoding of class names, flow names, and workbasket names so that the implementation layers can easily extend the application.

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There are two types of classes available in PEGA.

· Abstract Class

Abstract Class(for the purpose of “Re-Usability”) is only a container of rules and data and there won’t be any instances (Work Objects) in DB.

In Pega 6, every abstract class name must end with the symbol ‘-‘, from PEGA 7 onwards this convention has been removed.

· Concrete Class

Concrete Class contains rules and data and there will be an instance in DB(Used for business transactions).

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Work List related assignments are put away in PC_assign_worklist.

Work bin related assignments are put away in PC_assign_workbasket.

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Defer load means, suppose you use any tabbed Section in that situation want to load the data on each tab you can write one activity to retrieve data, then a large amount of data will be loaded in the clipboard, Its a performance hit to load the more data in the clipboard, So in that situation, we can use Defer load option it will prevent performance because when you check the Defer load option it will ask some activity on each tab Cell properties, so whenever the particular tab is opened then relevant activity only will be fired and load the related data…So it will Avoid performance.

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